The Art of Persuasion

Have you ever influenced someone, persuaded them to do the things you want? I bet you have.

Maybe it was the employer who ended up recruiting you, the child who ate their peas because you turned the spoon into an aeroplane, or even the date you ended up marrying!

The fact is, whenever we communicate, we are either influencing or being influenced. It’s nothing more than a skill and one we can all develop into a superpower!

When people think of persuasion, they typically think of a sinister dark art, but the fact is, persuasion is nothing more than ensuring that that your ideas get a fair hearing and when used ethically, it can help you change behaviours, beliefs, and attitudes.

That could be towards a person, a product, even a television series! We’ve all got that one show everyone’s got to watch right.

Over the coming pages we will look at persuasive techniques and strategies that will help you negotiate better outcomes. It’s not a definitive list and certainly not a one style fits all, but hopefully it will highlight some things you’ll want to consider before meetings and important customer conversations.

Let’s begin.